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Thank you for your interested in our product. To make you easy to use  we prepare for you this Installation manual. Any help needed please contact us »here, we will be happy to help you. Here is step by step guide and requirement you will need for this project running successfully.

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After you Sign in and your Account is set you can start building your menu in admin panel.
After all is complete it is time for installation guide. Here is info  graphic may help you.

Tablet menu

1. Tablet needed of any kind (Android operating system explained in this guide)
2. Number of tablets involving depend on you (No limitation)
3. Wireless internet (Is must)

First of all instal kiosk app (Kiosk Browser Lockdown recomended) from google app store. Free and paid version avaliable.

Note: Use this app to allow your customers explore only your menu and lock down any other activity like browsing internet just for fun.

Read guide for this app and then navigate to multivision login page. Log in with your user and password, declare your table and your tablet is ready.
In the settings of this app you can set fullscrean option, screen always active e.t.c

Mobile menu

Note: Available in payable accounts only.

This menu is build to avoid expensive tablets and robustness to use them especially in the cafe’s where is impossible to supply customers with Tablet. Instead of that customers can use own Smartphone.

All you need to do is to enter admin panel go to Qr-code section and declare table with number or name whatever you wish. Generate qr code and save .png image for printing.

Up to that here is some ideas how to insert qr code on the tables. You can be innovative as you like.
You can produce fancy styling stands or low price selfgluing etickets with nice design and insert them on caffe tables.

Orders output

To manage your orders there is two sections.
First section is to receive and manage orders in the bar stand or kitchen. For that you need Ps screen or Smart TV screen (should be able to connect to internet).

Note: Log in with your user and password from multivision login page.

Second section is in the admin panel in under Report section where you can call all orders by time frame,
print out and preview.

Pizza plugin

If you have premium account this plug in is available for your menu.
It should be appear on the bottom of the menu popup. No need any activation but will not show up until you activate at list one ingredient in Pizza section in admin Panel.

Note: If you have premium account and you need ingredient that is not in our list please contact us. We well be happy to add more ingredients in our list.

Ordering pizza from your web

We are happy to inform you that Ordering pizza from your web will be rellesed very soon. Integration with your WORDPRES web via Wp plugin. Non WordPress web’s integration via code snipped you should insert in your page header tag.

Note: Only for premium acounts.

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